Latviabeerfest 2019, May 22 - 26, Riga, Vermanes garden.
Ticket price: 3 EUR     Festival open hours:   May 23 and 23 15:00 - 23:00,   May 24 12:00 - 03:00,   May 25 12:00 - 03:00,   May 26 12:00 - 23:00.

Facts about beer

Historical facts about beer

In the territories to the north from Donau and Rhein, which where inhabited by Germanic tribes, as evidenced by archaeological finds, beer brewing has been known since already around 1000 BC. At the end of 1. AD, Roman geographer Publius Cornelius Tacitus describes Germanic people as eager beer lowers, saying that it is easier to overcome them with strong drinks rather than with the arms’ strength.

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Interesting facts about beer

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world, just after water and tea. In Europe it is traditionally made from barley adding hops, but in the East wheat, corn and rice are also used.

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Beer brands

Ādažu meistara alusAlķīmiķisAlus darbnīca TEIKAAlus darītava - ABiAlus darītava ViediBaltika BreweryBauskas alusBelgian beer gardenBrālisBrenguļu alusBrewery ValmiermuižaCēsu alusCesvaines alus darītavaGrimbergenHypnos BreweryIlgezeemINDIEJANISKEO AlusKRONENBOURGLABIETISLāčplēsisLAUVAS ALUSLielvārdes alusMadonas AlusMalduguns alusMežpils AlusMiķeļa alusMītavas alusPABEERZNERPiebalgaPUMPURS Alus darbnīcaRēzeknis BryuversSESKU alusStargorodTālavas Ķēniņa AlusTērveteV1 Brewery

Event schedule

Wednesday, May 22

Thursday, May 23

Friday, May 24

Saturday, May 26

Sunday, May 26

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