Archive for the year 2011.

Archive for the year 2011.

The first autumn session of the international beer festival ‘LATVIABEERFEST 2011’ in Riga, at the Swedish Gate, was started with opening of the first beer barrel on September 3 and was finished on Sunday, September 4, with honouring of the best beer manufacturers. During these two days, the greatest part of Latvian beer manufacturers, as well as various representatives of foreign beer factories offered more than 40 beer brands to be tasted by the festival guests. The Brengulu beer has been acknowledged as the most delicious beer in the year 2011, while the Valmiermuižas beer was the second best and the Tervetes beer was the third best.

During the festival, the commission of historians of the Latvian Beer Museum has awarded various honorary certificates:
the Valmiermuižas beer has been awarded for the most successful entering into the beer industry market; the advertising campaign for Aldaris ‘Traditional collection’ (‘Perfectly with the local quisine’) has been awarded as the best advertising campaign; Uldis Pumpurs has been awarded a commendation for his personal contribution to development of the Latvian Beer Museum, while Karlis Zalitis, who has dedicated 60 years of his life to beer brewing, has been awarded for personal contribution to the beer industry.
The festival events were visited by many thousands of beer lovers – inhabitants of Latvia as well as foreign tourists. During both festival days 253 barrels and 794 bottles of various beer brands have been totally emptied there. The total amount of beer was 8266 litres.
There have also been some new traditions established during the festival: the arm-wrestling competition ‘Stipralus’ (strong beer) was organized there for the first time in cooperation with the Latvian Arm-Wrestling Association. The ‘blind beer tasting’ competition and the ‘Miss Latviabeerfest 2011’ contest have also been organized there. The festival events were conducted by a popular strongman Raimonds Bergmanis, while such artists as Liene Šomase, Dzintars Čīča, Samanta Tīna, Gunārs Meijers, ‘Latgales dāmu pops’, ‘Rūsa’, ‘Čehols’and ‘Inokentijs Mārpls’ performed on the festival stage. During the festival, various line dance and salsa exhibition performances and trainings have been also organized in cooperation with the Latvian Line Dance Association and with the ‘StudioX1’ dance studio.
In the year 2011, various beer manufacturers have participated in the "Latviabeerfest" autumn session, such as “Aldaris”, “Lāčplēša alus”, “Cēsu alus”, “Bauskas alus”, “Užavas alus”, “Brenguļu alus”, “Brālis”, “Lido”, “Valmiermuižas alus”, “Ilgezeem”, “Rēzeknes Bryuvers”, “Tērvete”, “Piebalga”, “Stanbev International Distribution” and ‘Bavarian Beer Technology’.
Visitors of the festival had a possibility to taste such beer brands as “Aldara Muižnieku”, “Aldara Kviešu”, “Aldara Dūmaku”, “Aldara Lukss”, “Aldara Zelta”, “Carlsberg”, “Tuborg”, “Baltika Golden Lager”, “Lāčplēša Premium”, “Lāčplēša Kastaņu”, “Lāčplēša Trīs Iesalu”, “Lāčplēša Dzintara”, “Cēsu non-filtered beer”, “Bauskas dark beer”, “Bauskas light beer”, “Piebalga beer”, “Jubilejas beer”, “Užavas light beer”, “Užavas dark beer”, “Brenguļu light beer”, “Brenguļu dark beer”, “Brālis light non-filtered beer”, “Brālis dark non-filtered beer”, “Vasara”, “LIDO special beer”, “LIDO honey beer”, “Valmiermuižas light non-filtered beer”, “Valmiermuižas dark non-filtered beer”, “Valmiermuižas light filtered beer”, “Valmiermuižas dark filtered beer”, “Tērvetes beer”, “Iļģuciema light beer”, “Medalus”, “Bryuvers light beer”, “Bryuvers dark beer”, “Obolon”, “Hefe-Weizen”, “Dunkles Hefe-Weizen”, “Bavarian Lager”, “Belgian Kriek”, “Paulaner”, “La Trape”, “Timmermans” “Blanche de Bruxelles” and others.

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