Thank you, friends, for asking, but this year, in May 2023, the festival is canceled.
This time, we are powerless. The current government of Riga not only does not support us but also does everything possible to make organizing the festival incredibly burdensome, even impossible. Looking back at the consequences of last year's festival, we can conclude that the Riga government does not need events, tourists, or commerce.
We know that you are loyal visitors and participants to the most beautiful and positive beer festival in Eastern Europe. We know that we can hold beautiful celebrations. We promise that there will be such celebrations, and we will inform you about them. Thank you for being with us for all these ten years!



Selection of more than 500 beer sorts for all tastes and the most exquisite beer lovers. Refreshing beer from the best, most skillful domestic and worldwide breweries.


Being together with nice people, friends, with family. Enjoy the Latviabeerfest festival and the great mood it brings to you and your love ones in the heart of Riga.

In Riga

Visit and enjoy city of Riga, rich in historical architecture, an long time Hanseatic League member. City on coast of the picturesque river Daugava for more than 800 years.

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