The Latvians having their own Beerfest.

The Latvians having their own Beerfest.

Within the framework of the festival the international conference “Baltic Beer Star” will take place where professionals of the industry of several countries will gather in order to discuss the actual issues of the industry and exchange experience in beer manufacturing in their country.
On May 23, 24 and 25 Riga will gather guests from all over the Latvia and foreign countries, in order to enjoy the festival “Latviabeerfest” together which will be visited by all beer manufacturers of Latvia, as well as other countries so that to show their latest products and allow to taste more than 172 kinds of beer to anyone. Those who do not wish to taste beer will have a possibility to enjoy delicious snacks, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the craftsmen market, drink soft drinks and enjoy a really interesting cultural programme. During the festival it will be possible to hear Gunars Meijers again who has chosen this festival after a long break so that to begin his performance to the Latvian and foreign audience again!
This year the festival is sponsored by the local sponsors Riga City Council, newspaper “Latvijas Avīze”, Live Rīga, as well as Ambassador of Austria to Latvia dr. Stefan Pehringer because now it is an important event both, in the Baltic States, and outside them, as well.
“Development of Riga is important for us and we wish it to become the place where tourists prefer to go. That is why we are proud of our possibility to acquaint the guests of Riga with real latvian beer, beautiful music and handicraft products,” as it is said by Vice Mayor of Riga City Council Andris Ameriks about the festival “Latviabeerfest”.
“In addition, a conference of beer manufacturers “Baltic Beer Star” will take place during the festival where beer manufacturers of several countries will gather in Riga in order to discuss the actual events in the industry and find solutions which are important for each real beer manufacturer” as it is told by Festival Media Director Karina Jermuss /Karīna Jermušs/ about the festival.
The author of the Latviabeerfest idea and organizer, Chairman of the Board of Beer Fraternity” /“Alus brālība”/ Andrejs Sikors /Andrejs Šikors/ tells that “The best Latvian musicians will perform for all the three days already from 11:00 a.m., there will also be interesting competitions, the most delicious treats and nore than 172 kinds of beer, as well as healthy soft drinks for the small visitors.”
“For some time, Austria is known in Latvia as the land where good wine is produced. Owing to “LATVIABEERFEST” and the Steiermark beverage distribution company “SCHROTTSHAMMER” of the Austrian State, this year the Latvian beer lovers will have a possibility to taste and get acquainted with the taste of the Austrian beer “GÖSSER”. Real atmosphere of the beer festival will also be provided by the musicians from Steiermark” tells the Ambassador of Austria to Latvia Stefan Pehringer who is excited with the festival idea.
During the entire festival different competitions and quizes will take place, such as “Mis and Mister Latviabeerfest 2014”, vehicle pulling, determining the strongest beer drinkers and other exciting and entertaining events. The guests will enjoy the atmosphere by having delicious food and drinks and relaxing in the excellent recreation area. The event will be managed by the excellent beer expert Armands Simsons.
The organizers of “Latviabeerfest” have taken into account the good rest possibilities of people and getting home safely. That is why, all visitors of the festival will be brought home by the kind drivers of Baltic Taxi and if a passenger names the password “Latviabeerfest” he will be granted a discount for his trip! Safety of the festival visitors is on the first place!
“During all the three days different bands will perform on four stages, such as “Sestā jūdze”, after a longer break it will be possible to hear Gunars Meijers with the band “Emburgas zēni”. There will also perform Miks Dukurs, “Otra puse”, “Rikardions” and musicians from Austria, as well as several deejays who will go to Latvia in order to participate in the festival,” tells the producer of the festival Gee (Ilze Eriņa).
Everybody is invited – children and adults from all over the Latvia and other countries. It will be interesting and funny as it is traditional for us – Latvians!
Further information about the festival and its programme is available in the home page or by calling 27726200.

The press release was compiled by Media Director of the festival Karīna Jermušs.
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